[ARM] Install a headless server on an ARM device

I kind of forgot about the manuals. The EndeavourOS Arm web site tells what to do to install a server. These manuals also tell you WHY you’re doing steps of the install.


would be the ones of interest here.
If one reads these, let me know if something in these manuals is confusing, etc.


Ooops, my bad. Looking at the EOS-server-instructions, it is out of date. Updates are needed to include the new Easy as 1, 2, 3 system with the Step 2 script.


If one is looking for something to put their LAN headless server on and free up their RPi 4b, then I recommend an Odroid XU4. Eight cores, 2 GB RAM, eMMC storage or uSD, works great. I am actually running my home LAN on an Odroid XU4. Works great.

Right now the Odroid XU4 is approaching the end of it’s guaranteed availability, and merchants are having close out sales on them. Most importantly, the XU4 seem to be available. Quote from their web site.

We guarantee the production of XU4Q to the Mid-2023, but expect to continue production long after.

Shown above is the Odroid XU4Q model with a passive heat sink, which is what I have. A 40 mm fan fits right on the top of the XU4. They also have a fan cooled option, same model without the Q on the end.

Under “Additional Product” click on “Please choose product” to see your power supply options.
A RTC battery with special connector is also nice.
Scroll almost to the bottom to " Compatible Products" and the RTC battery and non Q XU4 are listed for comparison.
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Then scroll down to see a ton of specs.


On the left, my Raspberry Pi 4b 4GB Web server. On the right, my Odroid XU4Q LAN server with a Noctua 40 mm fan. They are nice and cozy sitting on a shelf in the Utility room.



So they specificaly designed a passive cooled fanless device… just so you can slap a fan on top of it. :rofl: :mage:

As I said in this post, the cooler an electronic device runs, the longer it will last.

I still stand behind that statement.

Plus in this case, the active cooling model

has a flimsy fan that may not last too long and doesn’t move much air. Trying to replace that fan might be difficult. With the passive heat sink, I can buy regular 40 mm fans all day.

Also the passive heat sink is more flexible, you can run a fan or not.


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