[ARM] Arm announces armv9 architecture

This may be of interest to some members here.
arm announces armv9 architecture



commercial cpu not before 2022 …

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I can confirm this to be of interest. Will be interesting to see what difference SVE2 makes in openBLAS benchmarks (once openBLAS supports it).

I’m still holding out for a successor to the Pinebook Pro. Mine’s broken in several ways now.

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in what way ? :pray:

  • The keyboard has never worked ‘well’. It’s registered double-presses at random from day 1. Nothing I’ve tried has fixed it. It’s just frequent enough to stop me from using it for any serious coding.
  • The screen hinges have broken away on the one side.
  • Screen seems prone to getting stuck pixels. I have to run a pixel-unsticking video on YouTube every couple of months or so.
  • The M.2 SSD adaptor Pine64 sent me had the wrong size ribbon adaptor. However, with the other problems I’ve had, I’ve been reluctant to bother pursuing this. I just put the M.2 SSD I bought for the Pinebook Pro in my existing PC as a second storage drive.
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sorry you had problems. had zero so far ! you get 1st run (that did have some issuse sadly)

Kind of… batch 2. Maybe I should bin this one & try again. It would work as a desktop test system (& still kind of works as a laptop).

that i can no answer .I like you wait for successor but think that no time soon (sadly)

I also forgot to add:

  • Case is chipped around the bottom where the back attaches—It’s really difficult to reattach the back without pinching and damaging this.
  • Plastic ‘screw stays’ (not sure on their proper name) in the underside of the case have all fallen apart.

I also dropped it and slightly cracked the case, but I hasten to add that I had all the above problems before this occurred.

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Hard to tell, as Pine64 are quite tight-lipped about upcoming models. Also, better at keeping such things secret than Apple.

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think i read post on pine 64 say the same … i no defend pine64 or blame you , it shame you had bad experience on Pinebook Pro when i opposite.

edit … i use daily + no leave house with out it ( work hours )

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& … two large cracks have formed in the last week. One going from the trackpad to the edge of the case, & one going from the left hand edge of the case to the keyboard. I have no idea how. It’s literally just been sat on my desk or on my lap. I’m not sure it will still be in one piece by the time the next Pinebook is released.

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I no see Pinebook Pro have New gen for long times. Thing might happen will be board upgrade . Only time tell

It a wonderful machine + amaze me daily :blush: I sorry you have bad time with your.

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Finally gotten around to fixing almost all of the issues I had with my Pinebook Pro. I bough a new top case section, which comes with a new keyboard. My keyboard double press issues are now a thing of the past. Attached a few images to show how several of the screen mounts disintegrated.

Back to just a couple of hairline cracks in the corners of the display now. Hope to get an SSD for it next month or the month after. I don’t know whether I’m imagining it, but it feels more responsive than before, which is weird, as I haven’t changed anything yet. Wonder whether something was spamming error logs before and I hadn’t realised?