Ark - Unable to open 7z files

I’ve picked up an issue with Ark being unable to open password-protected 7zip files (7z file extension) in KDE Plasma 5.19.4 (Frameworks 5.73.0)

The only bug i can find is from a long time ago ;

Are there any easy workarounds for this prior to submitting a new bug if this is a valid issue?

Do you have p7zip installed and can the 7z command extract it?


There are a number of optional dependencies which add support for other archive types:

$ pacman -Si ark
Optional Deps   : p7zip: 7Z format support
                  unrar: RAR decompression support
                  unarchiver: RAR format support
                  lzop: LZO format support
                  lrzip: LRZ format support

No, - and that was the solution, thanks! Interesting that Ark doesn’t include p7zip by default given how usage for 7zip file formats has increased over time.

Thanks for the quick answer both of you! Much appreciated.


Optional depends. It’s called “freedom.”

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