Arimo Font seems to break Tipp10 | can't change font

Hello dear community,
I’m using Tipp10 (3.3.1) for a while now. But after I switched my standard font to Arimo it seems to break Tipp10.

Now when I start a lesson, the indicator does not match the characters.

Well, I just need to set the correct font then I thought.
When I enter settings Arial seems to be selected.


When I click there to change the font, a new windows appears that is complete unresponsive to mouse or keyboard input.
I just can close it via the window controls.


I issued a bug report on the Tipp10 page, but I wanted to ask if there is a possibility to start a program with a special font forced or something like this.

I also tried switching back to standard system font in my system settings, but it did not make any difference in behavior.

Thank you very much!

On their official webpage i just saw the announcement that they will not work on the software version anymore.

Only the web version will be maintained.

→ I switch.

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