Aren't `flatpak search` and pamac search supposed to be the same?

If I execute flatpak search gtk3theme in terminal, it shows lots of results. But if I search gtk3theme in “Add/Remove Software” (pamac), it shows nothing. It’s not searching flatpak does not work at all in “Add/Remove Software”, because search results for applications show up. So, why can’t I search for gtk3theme in “Add/Remove Software”?

Have you tried just searching for one of the results you got from Flatpak in it? I don’t use pamac but just taking a guess it might be fussy with the search terms

To search for flatpaks, go to

pacman is a packaging system for ArchLinux. is a packaging system for any distribution.

They are not similar or connected in any way.


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I meant “pamac”, not “pacman”, the GUI front-end to “pacman” and which can also be used to manage Flatpak apps (as you see in the screenshot, there is “Flatpak” on the left).

It could be broken. Again. It’s been years since I’ve used pamac, and I’ve probably used it more recently than most of the forum here. There’s several variants of pamac. It’s a Manjaro made program, they can probably help you better than we can.

They probably won’t unless you’re on Manjaro though. So it’s a catch 22.

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Might there be an option inside pamac that you need to turn on in the settings? I remember there being one for activating the AUR in pamac.