Are updates broken?

A week or so ago, without me doing anything (as far as I remember), pacman stopped giving me updates altogether except for endeavouros packages.
Did the arch repository change?

For example right now I only have the eos-translations to update, and it’s been like this for more than a week.
My kernel is stuck in 6.2.1-arch1-1 while the AUR lists 6.2.6.arch1-1…

Is it a problem with my mirrorlist?

Thanks for the help

The EnOS Welcome app has a feature to refresh Arch mirrors. You can select the best options for you there, via GUI.


guess that’s my bad, I never use the GUI.
It worked, thanks. For future similar problems, is there a way to update mirrors with a command line?

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Sure is. The package is named reflector:

You can set up a cron-job for it’s service, or enable it to work on every boot.

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You really shouldn’t need to change your mirrors that often. Find a good solid mirror - I value reliability over speed.

I’ve used my mirror almost exclusively for 4 years, and 2 distros. It’s a regional well known/regarded state university.

You may want to check this out on some basic maintenance via the command line.

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lists the directly available tools (that can be started from the command line) for ranking mirrors in EndeavourOS.

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