Are these instructions for installing arch still valid?

when i got to the end and it wants to install gnome i installed lightdm lightdm-gtk-greeter mate mate-extra netwrorkmanager

then enabled lightdm.service NetworkManager.service

then edited /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf to enable lightdm-gtk-greeter as per arch wiki

exited chroot rebboted into a black screen after arch started up… schotted into it several times from endeavour to double check settings and making sure xf86-video-amdgpu is installed

still a black screen…




Last time i did it the “arch way” i used the arch wiki, from then on i use the archfi script

Faster and a little easier.


Clearly something isnt installed correctly

I find one of the best people to follow when it comes to easy installations and guides is
Linux Made Simple

Before I installed Arch this last time i watched his guide and took notes; admittedly I have installed a few times (tho not since 2018) but he is very good at expaining and by first watch his newest guide, take down on paper the most important steps (which let’s face it is the first ones, up to it’s time to install the desktop) and then have the Arch Wiki on hand on my phone while installing it went extremely smoothly for me.


Yah I have installed it bunches before but now it’s throwing errors at me. Tried to install xfce4 to bypass the need for a lightdm. Got this mess


And the log is just a repeat of what’s on my screen

Nothing with computers is working like it used to for me for some reason

sudo systemctl stop lightdm
and try again to startxfce4

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This installation guide is accurate and up to date:


i had actually rebooted and retried the startxfce4 and it was good. dbus is throwing errors with everylogin from any display manager which is weird

I followed that one the weekend past and it worked almost perfectly. I have the wrong keyboard in tty but that is corrected once in desktop. It is only a test install so not going to find a fix :smiley:


is accountsservice installed?


it was not. i’ll add that to the list of things that needs to be manually installed.

TY ! TY ! TY !