Are there no cron services on EOS?

Are there no cron services on EOS?
Is it only systemd timers?
Can I have a cron service on EOS?
Thank you

Yeah, timers have more or less replaced old school cron jobs at this point.

That being said, if you want a cron, you can install it.

sudo pacman -Syu cronie

ok thank you.

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=> sudo systemctl enable cronie.service

=> sudo systemctl start cronie.service

=> systemctl status cronie.service (Status)


ok thank you folk.
I am just a little confused because sudo ls -R / | grep cron show a long list of files or directories like this


But I don’t think I ever installed cron on this machine

Have you ever used timeshift? I think it pulls cronie in as a dependency.

yes I did

Well, that explains it. :smile:

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just because I am reading a book saying that there should be a path called /etc/cron.daily/
but there is no /etc/cron.daily/

lol I realized - I have another hd with Debian on - mounted on me EOS - and when I find cron it actually also give some results from that location.
So that’s why I also got confused.

I always found cron easier to deal with anyway, glad to see it (yeah, I installed Timeshift too). TImers are powerful, but I never needed that power. Maybe I’m just too used to cron…

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