Are Endeavor OS users allowed to say btw I use Arch?

Just a question. If you use endeavor OS, are you allowed to brag to others and say btw I use arch? Because isn’t Endeavor OS just Arch but with a graphical installer? :thinking:

Bragging? And? Do you use Arch? No. You drive endeavouros. If others can’t do anything with it, you can explain with arch-based.

or just Endeavouros Arch … :slight_smile:

but if you on arch channels are, you might watch out what you say i think…its not all but one apple made it worse…


(It’s a quote, therefore wrong “Antegros”.)

yeah indeed thats why you dont have to tell much about also, im sure stil enough manjaro users whatever goes to that place, but is not recommend :slight_smile:

Do not go to and say it. They do not believe in freedom of speech.


Well, I’m on both forums. And got no problems. There is “freedoom of speech” problem here. I just want to ask you this: will you talk about cars in a forum related to boats?

Well, I say that, but…

To keep your analogy. Let’s presume I go to that car-forum and there is a subforum about a specific motor, maybe a Kernel 5.0 with 400 HP. And I got a boat, a nice ship with the name MS Endeavour. (*Edit: Forgot to mention that the motor is built in the ship!) I got a specific question about the motor, nothing related to the ship. What answer would I get at the car-forum (named bbs.archlinux :wink: )?

Besides I think some Arch users are very proud of the job they have done with installing and configuring Arch. Of course it is something you can be proud of, but that doesn’t excuses the harsh elitist tone they exhibit sometimes.


Well …maybe? I need a car to pull the boat…or truck?

I think it’s the wrong attitude to have. But it’s their forum and that’s why people like myself and others are here and not there. They can be Arch elitist all they want. I don’t have any respect for that. :relaxed:

@DevNul If you don’t follow the rules from a forum, you’ll get punished.

It is clearly written here:

Not Antegros, or Apricity, or Manjaro, or any of the "easy Arch installers", nor Arch-ARM; nothing other than vanilla 64-bit Arch Linux. Ask those communities for support.

Even if english is not my mother tongue, I understand asking for help for archlinux-based project is not allowed.

Besides this, assholes are everywhere.

@ricklinux computer elitists are also assholes.


@FredBezies @ricklinux
I went through the steps of learning how to install “ARCH” from scratch. They labeled me a “Manjaro User” as if that was a bad name. I have no sympathy for that bunch and do not understand their holier than thou attitude. Don’t get me started.

Manjaro was not really appreciated by some Archlinux ass… elitists.

I’m a 10 years long archlinux user, but I did not spit on other faces. Unlike some people on Archlinux forums.

Is there some reason an Endeavor user might be embarrassed saying I use Endeavor OS ?

I use Antergos Gnome converted to Arch (converted before there was Endeavor) , I say I use Antergos. I use pure Arch KDE, I say I use Arch. I use Endeavor OS XFCE, I say I use Endeavor OS.


I say I’m an Arch/Arch based distro user.


The Arch attitude towards Arch based users ? Hmmm, Arch is doing most all the work and Arch based users are using that work, they also use Arch bandwidth keeping their distro updated. Arch doesn’t want the added work providing the support for Arch based users.

Simple ?

We all started some place. MSDOS 2.7 was my beginnings learning the terminal, it’s been years and I worked on several forums, was even a moderator for a long forgotten Linux Saline which lead me to Manjaro. It just makes me so angry.

Yeah, but Arch is using a Linux-Kernel and Xorg and a lot of other packages. They didn’t invented all by themselves out of nothing. That’s the spirit of opensource, using the work of someone else if you’re allowed to and make it suitable for you or maybe better and give something back.
Of course they can’t support every Arch-based Distro, it’s just the mindset of some Archusers who think they are better than others that makes me sick. :face_with_thermometer:

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That’s so true…

You could just replace all the Endeavor OS icons with arch icons like on the panel and all that. And then you could say btw I use arch and show them your desktop and they would never know. I’ve been using Endeavor OS for 2 days and I can say it’s BY FAR my favorite OS.

@Evan_Landreneau Life is better on Endeavour! :smile:

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