Are Electron 25 and 28 pre-installed by the EOS system?

I was going through the application list under Plasma and found that these two apps don’t look too familiar. Are they required and pre-installed by the system? If so, what’s their function? If not, how to find out how they got installed and how to completely remove them without breaking any dependencies? Thanks a lot!

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like element is used electron25 now electron28.

if you do in terminal : pacman -Qdt you wil see the orphans for removal.


Those are not installed by default. Electron is a dependency of electron-based applications.

You can remove them with:

sudo pacman -R electron26 electron28

You may find that you still have applications installed that need them.


Try pactree -r X ( replace X with the name of a package) to see what is dependent on X in your system.


$ pactree -r pacman 
│ ├─base
│ └─base-devel
│ ├─downgrade
│ └─rebuild-detector
│ └─rebuild-detector
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Thanks for your reply. What’s the command to check which application requires these dependencies? In this case Electron 26 & 28. Thanks again.

What’s the correct command to make the orphans removal? Is it “sudo pacman -Rns XXX”? But how do I use pipe the result of “pacman -Qdt” as XXX? Thanks.

Don’t do that. You probably have yay or paru installed, so just run:

yay -Yc


paru -c
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pactree -r electron26

Same for electron28

This ^

pacman -Qi electron28 you also see who it needed…

element-desktop updated my side to electron28, system does not removed it automatical :slight_smile: unless you have hooks for it

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Awesome. It’s required by “drawio-desktop”. Thanks a lot! Is it possible if you can take a look at my other post?