Arcmenu unresponsive every other startup

I’m having a minor issue which I’m not quite sure how to troubleshoot because I’m not familiar with how Gnome extensions work.

I have been using Arc menu as a replacement for Rofi the past few weeks and it’s been fine. However, every other time I start my computer from power-off state Arc menu is unresponsive. It seems to still be running, but nothing happens when I press left super. The keyboard still works when this occurs, but I cannot launch Arc menu from it. The extension remains unresponsive until I restart it.

I looked over the Gitlab issues board but no one else seem to be experiencing this. Has anyone here experienced something similar, or perhaps know more about how to troubleshoot extensions? For example, how can I launch an extension from the terminal so I can see what’s happening?

gnome-extensions enable blur-my-shell@aunetx
gnome-extensions disable blur-my-shell@aunetx

Replace with arc details (cd ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ it is the directory name). Do not know if it gives feedback - probably not.

The other option is Alt+F2 type lg (lower case L), press enter. Look to see if there are any issues in the extensions section.

…also don’t forget to read the extension’s description, sometimes the extension requires other pkgs for it to work properly.

That’s quite useful, thank you.