Archlinux ARM repositories - community repo is gone

I have been watching the Archlinux ARM repositories, and there was no activity for 17 days on either my RPi 4b or Odroid N2+.

Today I checked on the repos, and yay from Welcome reported the “Community db was missing”, or something similar, and yay refused to complete.

I edited /etc/pacman.conf and commented out

# [community]
# Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

I then successfully started yay and it completed with 284 packages being updated on my Odroid N2+. Then I used Welcome’s Pacdiff & Meld function because of the pacman.conf.pacnew file to eliminate the community references. But make sure it still has the EndeavourOS entry as the first repo listed.

So it looks like Archlinux ARM has caught up with Archlinux with the deletion of the Community repository and rolling community into the extra repository.

Great work by the Archlinux ARM community.

Now I need to fire up my RPi 4b and update it.



Thank you Joe for pinning this Topic. You are Johnnie on the spot. Sorry, American slang.


The RPi 4b update went smoothly as expected with 297 packages to update.

I assume that PineBook Pro should have a similar experience.



My very large update on the pinebook pro today was silky smooth, yes!


update went smooth on the X13s :partying_face:

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