Archlinux-appstream-data issues

During the “pacman-pamac episode” I’ve been trying to rebuild pamac following all the advice and instructions all over the forum. I have stripped every last trace of pamac and libalpm and archlinux-appsteam-data from my system and tried to rebuild from scratch, with no results.

The problem seems to be that archlinux-appstream-data-pamac will not build. I searched for archlinux-appstream-data (regular one) on my sytem and it is not there either, and will not build. The terminal tell me that the packages (like community icons etc) already exist in filesystem. The result is "errors occurred, no packages were upgraded. I can only get back so far in a terminal so I cannot see what is happening.

Can anyone assist and/or give advice please? :confused:

First - make a comprehensive backup of anything you deem worthy of saving.

Then clear your cache including AUR and files yay-Scc

then rebuild with double sync - I’d even include the uu for downgrade enabled just in case.

pacman -Syyuu archlinux-appstream-data

OK thanks. I’d already deleted the entire yay cache but not pacman’s. I’ll do a backup and report when it’s done :slightly_smiling_face:

If it fails - please post terminal output. And I would always suggest a backup.

And just an FYI - it was literally updated a few minutes ago - it could be the fix you were needing.

See if your issue is related to the one described in the link below:

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I am not sure (or better said not aware of) if the overwrite option is available when building packages with yay from AUR.

You might perhaps want to give the following a try. In some directory under home (like /Downloads/tmp for example):

git clone`

cd archlinux-appstream-data-pamac


sudo pacman -U  archlinux-appstream-data-pamac-20210423-2-any.pkg.tar.zst --overwrite '*'

Thanks! I followed the link to @jonathon 's post and went from there follwing my understanding of it. pamac-aur-git is now installed along with the other stuff, phew!

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Thanks @fbodymechanic , I followed the next post and found a solution. You were correct about cache cleaning but thankfully I was then able to clean only the offending part of the cache instead of the whole thing :grin:

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