Archiso bash: archiso: command not found

as the title says … I installed archiso also I exported its path and yet is says bash: archiso: command not found
I used :: sudo pacman -S archiso
help please (sorry for my poor English)

I don’t think it requires any path changes

What are you trying to do? archiso is a set of tools to make a custom ISO. Most commonly, you would run mkarchiso after doing all the required setup.


Alternate process

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I wanna make my own distro also wanna make Gallileo its installer

We have instructions on how to build our ISO here:


I did it before but now I wanna make my own distro that has my own profile logo , etc…

thanks a lot that you care

Take a look at our files and you will see how to do that.

Those instructions give you the basic instructions for how to run mkarchiso.

What makes it your ISO instead of our ISO isn’t the commands but the packages and config you build into the ISO.

sorry for my English … what files or which files
also I wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart

Well, that depends on what you want to do.

The file that controls which packages are installed in the ISO are contained in packages.x86_64.

Other than that, there is a structure that you build to contain custom config. The instructions and a description of the structure can be found here:

I meant that background logo messages in the Calamares installer or Gallileo also Cinnamon cuz I don’t want KDE
but I know how to add packages

The Calamares config is totally separate from archiso.

That comes from the Calamares settings. You create your Calamares settings, build them into a package and then install that package on your ISO.

The documentation for Calamares is here:

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thanks a lot

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