Guide to convert Arch Linux Packages To AppImage.


It’s an interesting idea. But why wouldn’t I just use the arch package instead of an appimage?

Pretty cool

A good use case for this I would think would be if working on another distro that doesn’t have the package or is using a different version of the program that is missing features you are used to.


As the article pointed out “You may find an interesting package that is only available in AUR and want to use it on a different Linux platform, say Fedora. This is where Arch2Appimage utility comes in help.”

It depends on how fast the conversion is (I’ve not tried it)- another usecase if your friend use different linux platform & you quickly convert & share with your friend.

I’ve got Fedora on one of my computers, and I admit, if there were something in the AUR I was dying to have, this will be a cool thing to try. So far everything has been in the repos/rpmfusion or as a flatpak already. But I’ll definitely keep this in the old noggin in case there’s something missing.


I tried it…

I wish I had done it before wxwidgets got upgraded…

A developer may need to work on multiple versions of the same application.


Yesterday DT posted a video on it

Love his final comment…