Arch Linux Ultimate Install (AUI) script

Hey guys,

This is not really about EOS. I am trying to install Arch by using this script and everything works fine as long as I don’t choose disk encryption. If I do choose disk encryption (luks lvm), I get the following error when booting up:

Welcome to GRUB!

error: disk 'lvmid/rjblabla-fdsahu432-fdsahu432-fda432-blabla' not found
Entering rescue mode...
grub rescue>

Any idea of what could be happening here? I really need disk encryption… Hopefully this awesome community can give me a hand. As you can imagine, I have no interest in asking for help in the arch forums (I won’t get any lol).

PS: I am not using EOS yet because I want i3wm and a base-system without any clutter. I could install xfce and then uninstall but that is too bothersome.

Hmm, just a thought but is it more bothersome to install EOS and uninstall Xfce with

sudo pacman -Rd --nodeps xfce4 xfce4-goodies

or to get that script working with an encrypted partition? I don’t know what exactly you want to achieve but in my experience that few packages you save with that script are mostly not worth the whole effort if you run in any trouble.
Of course if you’re doing it for the learning experience… just do it.


@markoff Did you look at this tutorial?

If you do not stick to this script then this is also an alternative.

i find it very convinient to run i3 on top of xfce4 :wink:
And if you have a modern system it wll not harm performance at all…


I ended up installing anarchy linux. As soon as EOS-i3 is available, I’ll install it!

PS: I am quiet happy that this community accepted this post and gave me some pointers. Had I posted this elsewhere, the post would’ve probably been locked.


I most assurely did not. Holly molly, that is a big post. Aint nobody got time for that!

On a serious note, thank you for linking that. It might come handy in the future!


@markoff It looks pretty complicated. I’ll be honest i don’t have much experience with luks and lvmon. If i was doing anything it would just be simply disk encryption. I don’t know why it’s used or wanted because i don’t have a need for it. I’m sure it’s a pretty trick setup.

Removing XFCE was one of the first things I looked up how to do after installing! :grinning: It’s a good one but I decided I liked MATE slightly better.