Arch Kernel Updates extremely delayed?

The new kernel version has just arrived here.


5.13.4 now on updates

Seemed to take a bit longer than usual for 5.13 to move into updates after first release. Usually X.xx.1 or .2 are released?

Okay so like i said updated from … skipping and ending on 5.13.4.archh1-1

linux 5.12.15.arch1-1 -> 5.13.4.arch1-1

Edit: No issues

On supposed slowpoke Manjaro we have 5.13 available since weeks already:


I don’t think that includes natural disasters.


Too late, what @jonathon said.


Adding a kernel is an easy choice, replacing the default is not.

5.13 has serious issues all over the place. amdgpu is full of regressions, input devices don’t work correctly, … It was only because of CVE-2021-33909 that 5.13.4 was moved across (which, incidentally, 5.13.1 does not address).


AMDGPU was very stable here in the recent months, but I got two crashes today. So I understand the sentiment. On the other hand … e.g. AMDGPU drivers are shitty for many months before they stabilize, that didn’t stop anybody shipping them before. The non-critical regression firewall should be the LTS kernel, shouldn’t it?

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Yes indeedy, and one key reason why everyone should have it installed. :grin:


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