Arch is the best from Arch Wiki

Can someone explain what this is all about? I can’t seem to understand the importance of it.


Not sure if you are serious or not but it has no importance…except to let you know that Arch is the best.


LOL thought so. So I didn’t misunderstand it when I read it.

It’s gospel.

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That’s kind of a weird wiki post.

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ArchWiki is a weird place to be :nerd_face:

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But print("Arch is the best") and that in all coding languages, seriously? Time would be better spent learning emacs :laughing: full disclosure I am now a vim user. I wish I had the patience.

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No importance what so ever. EndeavourOS …now that’s what I’m talking about! :grin:

Edit: I’m not a vim user

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If the Arch wiki contains such an article, shall I cut and paste it for Discovery?

“EndeavourOS is the best” in every single program language there is. It’s a quite significant message, in my neutral opinion and not biased at all.


Now that someone has spent the time to write it, we can easily fork and find/replace Arch with eos. It’s available under gnu free doc license.

Scroll down to that link and look at Ook!, there is some bad xxx :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. What coding language is that?!

Yeah but I only want “EndeavourOS is the best!!!” including the exclamation marks, other than that isn’t interesting enough for us. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I moved away from nano to vim. Slowly getting the hang of it.


Some of them are hillarious like the port for Orangutang and Shakespeare



Who says Arch has no sense of humor?

That is great … I mean Arch is great … I mean

# Arch
reeEeeeeeE reeEEEeeEe reeEEeeeEE REeEEeEeee Reee rEeeEeeeee reee

# is t
reeEEeEeeE RrEeEEEeeEE rEeEEEeEee reee

# he
Reee RrEeEEeeEeE rreEe rEEeerEEee reEe

reeEEeeeEe reee reeeEeeeeE
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if (!(d = XOpenDisplay(NULL))) {
      fprintf(stderr, "Couldn't open display, but Arch is the best!\n");


Reminds me of this meme:




it’s so minimal that I barely exist


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Yes…but there is EOS! It’s everywhere!

Righ! There is no spoon!