Arch-based installations overtook Ubuntu-based (on gamingonlinux)

Just found out that Arch-based installations now took over the lead over Ubuntu-based installations, at least on

See the stats

and the trends

Found that pretty surprising given the popularity of everything Ubuntu-based in the past and present on distrowatch.


More and more gamers are realizing if they want to play current titles and not wait a year or two they had better get their arses rolling…literally.


I’m not that surprised to see Arch based installs finally over take Ubuntu based installs. I was only a matter of time before peeps realized the more stable base is arch.


It always used to be pretty common for Ubuntu popularity to spike around the release dates (especially LTS) and fall back over time after that.


You can always find supporting claims. (confirmation bias).
Here’s Goggle Trends:,ubuntu,%2Fm%2F031y74
Then again, if you don’t agree, you’ll discount Google.

I discounted a long time ago. Their search engine has been crap for well over a year.

i like that. :grin:
The session type statistic (X11 <-> Wayland) surprised me, though. Thought that Wayland would be used a little bit more, as Gnome defaults to it and Gnome is head to head with KDE in the Desktop Env statistic…

Well, I agree with Google AND the site I posted :wink:

Reason: Google counts searches made on their platform, used mostly by "everyone"
The site I posted counts installations on the profiles of gamers who use Linux, which is a totally different metric and based on a totally different audience.

Edit: and the same is true when comparing Distrowatch to Google search results: Totally different audience and approach.

Google for the LONGEST time pretty much gives you everything EXCEPT what you actually searched for. At one time you did a search and what you were looking for was in the first batch of results. Now at least half the time you have to rephrase what you’re looking for more that once.

I didn’t know so many people play games on Linux. My max is emulating old machines :slight_smile:

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