Arch-Audit or Lynis?

Does anyone here use these on your standard desktop, or is it mostly for server admin type stuff?

Curious IF there are other tools like this that others would share. Thanks! :smiley:

I am probably the wrong person to answer this as I have not used them.
I don’t think this is for server admin type stuff. I think it is used to harden the security of your desktop.

Here is an article about arch-audit



Yes, i used lynis with EOS on my laptop (as desktop replacement).
First of all, the question is not lynis or archaudit,since archaudit only tells you if your system is up to date and what packages includs a risk - same as the arch wiki-securitypages, with some false-positiv warnings.

easy way to test lynis and get a score is:

execute the following commands as root in your terminal:

git clone
cd lynis; ./lynis audit system


after a few minutes it will display you a lot of warnings, hints recommendations
on a standard EOS -Xfce installation you will get at first time running 65 to 67 points, this is not too bad, it is better as in manjaro, ubuntu, ( i’ve tested this on VMs a few month ago)

to perform a hardened system you have to follow most of the hints in the log files
and therefor as a beginner you need a minimum of 20 (twenty) hours. This make unless in a professionell context like a sysadmin no sense.
MAybe we should open a board for security questions if wanted?


Thanks everyone!

IF EOS doesn’t have a security section of the forums, it would be cool to have one.