Arch ARM update cycle for security relevant packages

I’m aware this is an upstream issue, and that Arch arm is not as well maintained as the regular Arch repo nor is it seen as critical towards desktop/gui applications.

Nevertheless I just attempted to sync my Firefox profile and had to realize that Firefox on Arch arm is still on v 125.0.3-2 which was updated on May 4th.
Is this unusual? or would I need to expect that security relevant apps like a Browser will not get updated for month and might skip several main updates?

I don’t plan on using that installation as a daily driver. But I did plan on looking up some info while maintaining the system and services and somehow had the expectation to get at least major updates for security relevant packages.

Is there a general issue with the maintenance of the Arch arm repo?

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It is hit and miss. Some packages are right up to date, and others lag behind. The bad thing is, unlike Archlinux where a user can flag a package as out of date that does not exist in Archlinux ARM.

In general, ARM is kind of like a way back machine.



Thx for the reply @Pudge,

I might switch to chromium on my RPi for now, as it seems to get way more updates.

Kind of sad, that I might have to adjust my expectations regarding the maintenance of the Arch-ARM repo. The work that is done is great, but the maintenance has room for improvement.

I will still support the project as I really feel ARM is getting more and more relevant and hope the Arch branch will keep up with recent development in that regard.

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