Arch Advantages/Differences?

Sorry no help for noobs here go back to Ubuntu :upside_down_face: :stuck_out_tongue:

(Now I gotta bully all the newbies so they respect me)

Too late, got already a lot of help :slight_smile:



(Last major off topic for this one lol)


Just one thought - I only which one I am on by the logo I put on top of the main conky. I have 3 ‘Arch way’ installs - and they are all different and are ‘enhanced’ in 2 cases by extra repos. Yes, I have put EnOS repo in an Arch :grin:

I’m just glad that Arch exists, and the EndeavourOS is trying to perfect it… (or should that be purrrfect it?)



Manjaro has its own personal set of missteps too lol

Like I can’t stand by blaming users for their system breaking when they push broken updates after git cloning arch pkgs without checking for needed interventions


OK so there is this subtle little reminder here…


I’m referring to a post they made over on their forums which garnered A LOT of criticism for good reason. I have no personal problems with them but I won’t shy away from criticizing poor choices and blanket blaming users.

Let it go :hugs:

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If necessary here I guess I’ll keep it away from here but just letting things be never improves anything

Silence is complacency

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Silence is complacency, and that is why they lost a ton of experienced users who were heavily involved with the community. Of course trying to change a rock by talking to it won’t change it either. There is nothing to be gained by bringing up the failures of Manjaro, let it go. They have made their bed, and time will take care of the rest.

Here’s my opinion on the difference between pure Arch and EndeavourOS:

It’s a lot like either buying a modular (mobile) home, compared to building your own home. The modular is pre-built with specs that you either like, or that you can change before it’s built. Then it’s delivered to your plot of land to be placed where you want. Or you can buy the materials that you need, and build your home the way that you want, and take as much time as you want to make sure things ‘are just right’.

Personally I’m quite happy with the modular way. The community here is diverse and very polite (and yeah we do disagree from time to time - but that’s normal). I’ve also noticed that the Arch community lately have really calmed down on their forums - especially the Beginner section. It’s quite refreshing to be honest. Wonder if this community might have had a hand in that. :crazy_face: :thinking: One can only guess…

I’ve also wanted to install the pure Arch way. But then I remember how much easier it is to install EndeavourOS (or just about any other Arch-based distro out there), and that action passes into history not to be acted on.

Just my two cents.


As I have said before, the ‘Arch way’ install I think exists as a Turing test for potential Archers - and for their ability to make any sense out of the Wiki style. It is not really about the installation method. If you can’t do it, you WILL have trouble ahead…

Once you’ve done it (especially a few times) it is a non-issue whether you continue to do it that way, because the lesson(s) have been learned…

(not even 2 cents)


Believe me, being able to install Vanilla Arch “The Arch Way” is absolutely no guarantee for not getting cocky and borking up the system totally.

Or, so I’ve heard. :shushing_face: :rofl:


Not only no guarantee, but the attitude isn’t even required! At least I remember to add in NetworkManager and nano to ease the task (and retain internet!) - and I tend to jump straight to rEFInd as well to avoid getting grubby…


One of the major differences is your original question.
Just by asking it, you should use EnOS.
If you had asked the same question on the Arch forum…You’d run back here at the speed of light.


Now that we are talking arch installs, I’m a n00b and I find I installing arch the arch way to be easier than a gui installer. All I need to do I copy paste a bunch of commands while making some tweaks here and there. GUI install on the other hand gives me anxiety because the progress bar is usually stuck. :upside_down_face:


The easy way around that is not to stay and watch the GUI installer! Although, EnOS at least gives the terminal feedback so you can see if progress continues :grin:


I still have a bare install of Arch about a year old with no DE. Not sure what I’m going to do with it, but I have been updating it a few times a week.
Too many OS installed and no time to play with them all.


Yes indeed! I’ve noticed that if you leave the computer and go around minding your own business- sipping coffee, chatting to friends, then the progress bar goes very fast :racing_car: