Arc Browser? Hmmmmmm

Well…Well…Well A “new” browser? Hmmmm…OK–I bit on the article. Interesting…went to the signup page (yes. it’s not “really” ready for the masses yet) & it even asked if I wanted a Linux version…Based (very loosely) on Chrome/Chromium…Well, we’ll see…

Here, take a look-- & say what you think… I’m interested in it & did sign up (on?) Will see how long it takes them to get back to me…

Signup page:


It is vivaldi with another name

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I would be very careful about it. I certainly wouldn’t use it if it contained any proprietary lines of code.

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likely just another average chromium variant

i like how they’re already trying to play the “we’re your friends” bit, theyre gonna “fight chrome”…using chrome

EDIT: looked at the article…and yeah, it really doesnt have anything worth looking at. Chrome is Chrome is Chrome.

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I seriously doubt that. Vivaldi is a great browser after all.

It took me just doing a quick scroll of that page to see it’s mostly fluff.

It’s not. At all. I’ve been using Vivaldi for a few years now, and I love it in my Linux boxes, but Arc is something different. It’s got a very keyboard-driven UI that would translate really well to a Linux power user’s setup. Vivaldi is a tab stacker’s paradise, but Arc aims to keep things clean and clutter free by allowing users to create new workspaces (think virtual desktops) to organize their workflow. When I use my MacBook, Arc is my default browser. When I’m on my Linux installs, it’s Vivaldi, simply because Arc isn’t available. Arc has a lot of other great features - great picture-in-picture being one - but I don’t want to bore anyone with a mountain of details. Simply put, Arc is amazing, and is every bit as good as Vivaldi, but they’re not the same at all.

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In this case it would be possible i think if someone really used the arc browser ?