Appstreamcli cannot find some packages

I like to use Discover to browse and, well, discover new packages, but I have found that it’s missing many due to an issue involving appstream. For instance, pacman -Ss grub can find grub-customizer, whereas appstreamcli search grub returns Unable to find component matching grub! thus Discover can’t find it either. I do have archlinux-appstream-data installed. Does anyone know what else I could check to get to the bottom of this?

Not everything has appstream data. It is likely that grub-customerizer is one of those applications.

As a side note, I would make the strongest recommendation you don’t use grub-customizer. It almost always results in a broken system eventually.

Understood, thanks! I had hoped to use grub-customizer just to change the theme. Do you think that usecase is still unsafe?

You might want to have a look here for how to customize your Grub menu via /etc/default/grub

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Yes. Don’t use grub-customizer on Arch-based distros. It may work in the short-term, but it can cause issues in the long-term.

I can’t tell you how much support time is wasted by community members trying to help people fix their systems that are broken because of grub-customizer.