Apps randomly dropping gtk theme

Any ideas why ? I use a fairly dark theme and every now and then an app will just use the basic bright theme. It happened for my pacman manager a week ago, duckduckgo search 3 days ago and qbittorent today.

Is it something that happens permanently for that application or does it switch back and forth in the same application?

Permanently. Duckduckgo I just reset the theme and qb I installed a theme to fix it. The use gtk theme was checked but not working.

This has started to happen since delete that gnome portal file (that was slowing down app loadings).

I’m not sure how or if any of these things are related.

There may be different reasons. If by pacman manager you mean “pamac”, it recently switched to libadwaita which would change how it was themed. qbittorrent is a Qt6 application so you would need to check what you are using to provide Qt theming.

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