Apps consistently freezing, restart hangs up

For over a year, I haven’t had any issues on EOS, but I think after after a recent system update, this started to happen. The same apps tend to freeze, and kill commands do nothing. When i restart the computer, it can’t successfully finish the process. When I manually shut down and boot again, the apps work fine for a day or two. Sometimes they freeze when I try to save the file, other times simply if I click anywhere on the window. It’s always apps related to LibreOffice, Cryptomator, pCloud or Dolphin, all of which are fully updated.

Seems it can’t unmount Cryptomator and pCloud, should I bother reinstalling them?

Reinstalling Cryptomator and pCloud could potentially resolve the unmounting issues if they are related to corrupted configurations or integration problems. However, it’s advisable to go through the above troubleshooting steps systematically to identify and resolve the root cause of the application freezes on your EOS system.

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