Applications don't follow desktop theme

Hi, noob there but I recently installed EndeavourOS with Budgie desktop and noticed that several applications, namely qbittorrent & flameshot, don’t follow my desktop theme (juno) and stay white. What I tried so far is based on Uniform look for Qt and GTK applications, that is:

  • Option 1: install QGnomePlatform. QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME is set by default by I don’t know what to ‘gnome’. Didn’t change anything.
  • Option 2: removed qgnomeplatform and installed qt5-sytleplugins. Set QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME to ‘gtk2’, but no matter where I set this variable: /etc/environment and/or /etc/profile.d/ and/or ~/.zshenv (I don’t have a ~/.profile), it is always re initialised by I don’t know what to ‘gnome’. And the problem persists.

I’m out of idea…

Can you try the solutions in this wiki article?


thx but that doesn’t work either. Seems no matter what I do, the variable QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME is always set to ‘gnome’…

Ok I think I figured it out:

  • In fact, different applications use a wide range of QT version. Each QT version seems to require its own QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME variable. So it’s a mess of figuring out which QT version is used by which application & overriding the variable for that specific application (along with installing the corresponding plugin)…
  • Still don’t know what is overriding QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME when echoed from terminal but it’s not really a pb (which I find quite puzzling…), applications do follow the global system variable. So far in budgie, qgnomeplatfom seems useless.

on my last checking i left myself confused in away about this… it seems there is no general setup that will work on all DEs …

The article needs help and is partly outdated! It seems with change on qt6 it needs some extra to set up for all qt applications. (10.01.2022)

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I think I may need to change the way I think about this matter. Instead of wanting a “Uniform theme” for all applications, which in hindsight seem pretty difficult to implement beyond “core” specific desktop related apps, I should be wanting to find for each application the native theme that best suit my taste. And keep the QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME stuff as a kind of hack for applications that doesn’t provide a suitable native theme. This line in the arch wiki seems to hint at this idea imho : These engines add some extra code in the process and it is arguable that this kind of a solution is not as elegant and optimal as using native styles.