Application Menu: Text in search box is not visible

Hi folks!

I used to run EOS/Xfce but wanted to try SWAY so I just installed it. I have been liking everything out of the box so far. But hit some snags with the “Application Menu”.

  1. Where is the configuration file for Application Menu?
  2. How to change the color of the text in the search box?
  3. Also, what is the key combo to bring up the application menu?


No matter which theme I select in “Customize look and feel” the text in the search box of Application Menu is not visible.

When I type the text is of the same color as background:

It’s not easy to use and confusing when I type:

This is how the application menu looks when I open it:

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How did you install Sway? Did you follow

Thank you!

I selected Community Edition -> Sway during OS installation.

do you log out and back in already? i know that on first login to sway theming is not full working in some cases.

Oh several times. Did you face this issue?

i see this on testings in VM very often yes…

is where you could try setting adwaita as gtk theme to see if it changes this

I see. I did a traditional install though.

swaywm not swayvm lol.

i mean in testing on a vm (virtual-machine) :wink:

For more clarity:

If you can’t see the text in the search box then:

  • The color of the text is set to the color of the background of the search box.
  • You now have to change the color of the text.
  • open /.config/wofi/style.css
  • possibly change this:
#input {
    margin-bottom: 15px;
    border-radius: 5px;
    color: white;
  • to that:
#input {
    margin-bottom: 15px;
    border-radius: 5px;
    color: black;
  • or whatever suits your needs.

I changed the “Solution comment” from eosbtw’s to this comment to make it easier for people who might have this issue in the future.

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but usually the white border would be grey same for the text input field as sway Community Edition uses arc-dark-theme the real issue is that this is not fully getting applied in your case.

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this is what i got:
first login on fresh install:

and relogin:

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