Apple marketing LOL

They made the thinnest iPad Pro instead of making it slightly more bulky so it can:

  • have more battery than the previous model
  • be more sturdy
  • not have the camera stick out like it does now

Apple is one massive clown show LOL


Like almost every tech company they look what its the minimum acceptable and keep it as that. Most people thinks the autonomy is OK and most just want devices to be more powerful. One great example, is they’re Apple watch, if you look specs since the 4/5 gen, you will see that they target 18h of autonomy (at least until recently) and each generation is more powerful/features riches (more sensor ect).

They know that most of they’re user change of devices almost each year. Its also positive when you sell insurance (Apple care)

Yeah but you can say that to almost every phone manufacturer :joy:

Its them or we live in a :clown_face: world ? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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The second one lol


And I hate that lol

Both at the same time :rofl:


I still remember seeing peoples joking/trash talking about that but now look like almost everyone is ok with that :man_shrugging:

You can’t even use your phone on a plan surface :joy:

That’s the biggest issue, can’t blame companies if what they do to make more money works

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