Apparently downgrading gcc, gcc-libs, gcc-d and gcc-fortran was necessary for dkms install of virtualbox with liquorix kernel

just fyi if you run into errors like i just did while updating my system

same error occured with linux-zen as well

What are you talking about?

My dkms (virtualbox, zfs) with latest linux-zen is working fine.

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good. glad for you

Depending on your specific package versions DKMS will break due to a difference in GCC version used to compile the kernel and the one on the system.

The new kernels versions in the official repos will be built with GCC 11, but any third-party kernels (e.g. lqx) may not be (yet).

I’ll be kicking off rebuilds for my binary LTS kernel packages shortly.


Can you at least share some error messages? It looks like you have an issue with the new gcc which is only in Testing so far. I believe that a regular Arch stable environment has no need to downgrade gcc.

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GCC 11 has moved across to stable. :wink:


Also affects libgccjit which is yet to be rebuillt.

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Yes. And I just compiled a new kernel and all dkms went fine. Incl. virtualbox and zfs. So I am not sure what this issue is all about.

May be it has to do with binary kernel packages from other repos (e.g.$repo/$arch) which are compiled with the older gcc and now dkms is using the new gcc for the modules and is not compatible with the kernel.

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so an update to the zen kernel came in later that does work with the new gcc but not the downgraded one. feels a bit like gymnastics. downgrade , do one kernel, upgrade do the other kernel. iguess that means then that linux-lqx is the only one left with an issue so that’s good news. I don’t still have the error message available or the log file to post it here. sorry for that. perhaps that one will work properly once they release 5.12?

It would have looked like this … before the rebuild.

[ALPM-SCRIPTLET] Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 5.4.119-1-lts54 (x86_64)

On AMD systems the zenpower dkms AUR package may need a rebuild also.

Good practice to try and wait a day or two when a major gcc update hits stable, lots of rebuilds usually follow.

[ALPM] upgraded gcc (10.2.0-6 -> 11.1.0-1)

and rebuilding DKMS on older GCC? not an option,? i find too much hassle also :slight_smile:

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gcc and gcc-libs might make sense, but I’m curious. Why did you need gcc-d and gcc-fortran? These are compilers for the D language (gcc-d is called gdc) and Fortran (gcc-fortran is called GFortran) respectively, and I don’t think any build of the kernel has any dependence on these :thinking:

Googled the error message. Apparently I’m not the only one nor is this the first time. As @jonathon pointed out it potentially happens with every gcc update.

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