App or command to burn an ISO to DVD so it gets bootable

Are there apps on a Live USB to burn an ISO to DVD so it becomes bootable or what is the command for it?

This would help for the terminal. And this for GUI.

You could have just googled these.


Edit: Irrelevant to the question. These instructions are not for DVD.

[quote="Kangaroo, post:1, topic:38217"] apps on a **Live USB** [/quote] You can use `dd` command.
sudo dd if=/path/to/distro_iso.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=1M status=progress
Replace `/path/to/distro_iso.iso` with actual path, and `sdX` with the device you want to flash ISO on.

If you have network access on the live environment, you can install one of the many utilities available for the job. There is gnome-multi-writer or if you’re okay using AUR, there is popsicle (or popsicle-bin)

The DVD-RW was erased before I started. When I run the dd command it says:

dd: error writing ‘/dev/sr0’: No space left on device
1+0 records in
0+0 records out
2048 bytes (2.0 kB, 2.0 KiB) copied, 0.0273347 s, 74.9 kB/s

Shoot I’m sorry, I didn’t notice that you’re burning onto a DVD :pensive:

See the first comment by @s4ndm4n ; that should be relevant.

I have network access on the Live USB. If I got it right, the programs mentioned on the website s4ndm4n linked, need to be installed first, no matter whether GUI or terminal. Are there no tools already contained in the Live system because apt-get does not work? I do not know how to install programs.

Endeavour OS is an Arch based distribution which uses pacman as a package manager, not apt. EOS also comes with yay which I personally find a little easier to use for package management.

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sudo pacman -S name_of_package

The Pacman Rosetta will help to familiarize you with pacman’s usage:


The command of the website s4ndm4n linked, xorriso -as cdrecord -v -sao dev=/dev/sr0 isoimage.iso returned:

xorriso : FAILURE : Image size 2328944s exceeds free space on media 2298496s

Most probably (though not sure), the command would have worked if the ISO was not too big for the DVD!

Are you asking if there is a program to burn a DVD from an installed sysytem?


yay -S brasero
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No. It is not about burning a DVD from an installed system. I’m trying to burn a (bootable) DVD from an ISO I have, but it seems the ISO is too big for the DVD-RW.

yay -S brasero

will work on the live iso too… and its easy to use gui application…