AoE2DE and C&C Remastered

Hello guys and girls,

i want to ask if you could help me playing both games with endeavourOS. I already read an article about this, edited my Steamplay settings with proton, but it didn’t start.

I can’t find a steam installation on my system.

Thanks a lot.

I guess you installed Steam and are trying to play it?

Here is a good place to start.


I was able to start Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition. It runs and there are only two glitches.

But i had no more space left to install command and conquer. So stupid as i am i deleted the partition of windows and try to merge it with my current disk space on linux. Doesn’t work and now i get these:

Minimal bash-like line editing is supported…

If i enter exit i can continue booting but i want to reinstall endeavouros for fixing the problem with the disk space. So i prepared an usb thumb drive with linux on it and plugged it in. Then the error showed up.

Thank you

My system only has in “Intel HD Graphics 5500” and I was able to get Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition. the gotchas I noticed:

(1) Proton 5.13-5 will just cause the game to start and stop. So I went into advanced settings and chose the compatibility setting of Proton 5.0-10.

(2) The game seems to stutter when the beginning video starts. If I ALT-TAB between the game and desktop all of a sudden the game runs at regular speed (no stutter).

(3) I installed ‘game mode’ and then have the Steam launch option “gamemoderun %command%”.

Good luck with the game. I’m also learning my way around this too.

P.S. Other games I have working this way:
-Empire at War
-Homeworld Deserts of Karak
-Supreme Commander