Anyway to force system to default to electronX-bin instead of electron?


Not necessarily an issue but a quality of life change if someone knows how to implement. What my title says, I would like to set my default for all electron packages to the “-bin” rather than just “electron”.

IE - electron28-bin instead of electron28

The electron builds are many and rather slow to clone imo. The “bin” packages have been a nice find but is it possible to force my system to default to that package?


Have you tried uninstalling electron?

What’s the output of?

pacman -Q | grep -i electron


pacman -Qi electronX

The idea is to find out which packages need which version of electron, then uninstall the versions that aren’t needed by any packages.

Also, if you install or try to install electron30-bin, you should be able to remove electron without issue.

yay -Sii electron30-bin
Repository                    : aur
Name                          : electron30-bin
Version                       : 30.0.8-1
Provides                      : electron30=30.0.8
Depends On                    : alsa-lib  gtk3  nss
Optional Deps                 : kde-cli-tools  pipewire  qt6-base  gtk4  trash-cli  xdg-utils
Conflicts With                : electron30
Replaces                      : None
Package Base                  : electron30-bin

Notice that the package does not require you to have electron (from the official repos) installed.

So, you may need to edit the PKGBUILD of whatever app requires electronX to make it so that it requires electronX-bin instead.

This means you’d need to rebuild the apps.

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