Anyone using streamlink and streamlink gui?

hi i would to know if there’s anyone using streamlink, and yes if you recommend it, specially for twitch tv

Yes, I’m using both (right now :smiley:)and love being able to watch twitch in mpv. Feels much smoother than via browser.

Thanks, do you know if it works fine with smplayer ?

No, only VLC, mpv and mplayer.

been using it now with vlc and chatterino, works great thanks

I’ve been a (financial) supporter of Streamlink and Streamlink-Twitch-GUI for many many years, only it makes Twitch bearable. Too bad that a few years ago Twitch disallowed watching logged in via 3rd party apps. Since then I have not spent money on Twitch, when before I was an avid Twitch Turbo subscriber.