Anyone use pacmanlogviewer?

Anyone use pacmanlogviewer? Its no longer reading the pacman.log file past the 23. The author says the issue is fixed, and on a fresh arch install in a VM it does work as advertised, but not on my system which was an original antergos build. I can’t seem to figure out how to trouble shoot this as I can’t find any logs.

if you open a terminal and start it that way , some error output .?

running it from a terminal same behavior, and no output

i dont have a issue, but wich desktop are you working, other type of QT packages has some bad behaviour ?

I’m on Gnome

The odd thing is it reads the log file just fine until the 23rd but nothing after that

if you select filter is it proper selected on all and anytime ?

makes no difference

just closing the loop on this, its been fixed by the developer