Anyone need a Qualcomm QCNFA765 or AMD RZ616 Wifi 6E cards?

Now that I have both my Mediatek 7925 Wifi 7 and the Qualcomm QCNCM865 Wifi 7 cards installed, I have a spare of each of these cards. Willing to send to someone if they cover a couple $$ for shipping (in the US), card itself is free.

Qualcomm QCNFA765 is m.2 2242 Wifi 6E + Bluetooth 5.2 card. E-key only, so this does drastically limit what laptops it is compatible with since almost all pre-2022 laptops were A-keyed wifi, and even some 2023 models I saw are still A-keyed. This is the best performance wifi card I’ve EVER used in Linux. In multiple laptops I’ve tested both cards in, this card gets better range than the AX210 in every one. Actual throughput is about the same.

MediaTek 7922/AMD RZ616 is m.2 2242 Wifi 6E + Bluetooth 5.2 card. A+E-key, so will fit any m.2 wifi socket. Performance in my experience is very similar to the AX210, it just requires a newer kernel to work really well than the AX210.