Anyone know of a good alternative to dropbox?

I’m not happy with dropbox, I just don’t like the app.
Is there an alternative that you have experience with? It would be nice If it is cross platform compatible, but that’s not a requirement.

I also ditched Dropbox and got Spideroak one instead.




Thanks for the replies, I didn’t know either one of these!

Yandex Disk is very good as well. For me, with these cloud services, I have just about everything encrypted before I upload.


Here’s a list (may not include all…):


Pcloud any good maybe?


I think Mega seems to be very good, I am trying it out now.

I use pcloud to store data that I probably won’t need :slight_smile:

Mega is good for the storage space it gives. When I signed up, they gave 50gb free (no referrals required), which I still have. But I don't get good download/upload speed for Mega. Maybe it has to do with my location and ISP.

A second vote for SpiderOakONE. I’ve been using it for years, without incident. It is secure—encrypted at rest on the local devices, no keys in the datacenter. It is slow to encrypt/decrypt/sync on old hardware, but reliable and secure, in my experience. My i7 processors do fine with it, performance-wise.

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Thanks, I am also going to try SpiderOakONE. I have so many options other than dropbox, it feels great.

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Another user of mega here - have been using it for years (since you got 50GB free!) with no issues at all.
One of the few that has good linux sync - unlike the brand new google drive for windows and mac only :face_vomiting:


One of the best Dropbox alternatives that most Linux users don’t know about is Zoho WorkDrive. It almost seemed too good to be true when I found it, but you get 1 TB of storage for only $2.50 per month.

They make a Linux desktop app that you can install on any Linux distro.

Everything is encrypted in transit and also encrypted on their servers.

I also use Zoho Mail because they have a nice mail app that comes as an AppImage for Linux and the feature set is quite nice.

They let you try out the cloud drive free for a few weeks, I believe. But it’s so cheap for that much storage, it was a no-brainer for me.

And you also get the Zoho office suite which is just as good as Google Docs.

You can build a NAS at your home if your upload speed is good enough otherwise mega seems okay

I’m a pCloud user and have been enjoying it. There’s some hoops and random stuff you have to do in order to get more free space, but it’s not too bad.

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