Anyone know how to get floating border colors to respect chosen color?

I looked up the documentationa and it said to add a border normal and a border focus argument to layout.Floating which I did, what’s weird is that it’ll respect the color UNTIL I move it, which it’ll return to the default ugly blue color (#0000ff).


I don’t use qtile, but perhaps this might help?

No that sadly didnt fix it, what I’ve learned is that spawning a window in floating mode the inital border will be the correct color but as soon as you move it it turns to the default blue color

did you restart qtile after changing the color value?

It’s because you have two float layouts defined and when you move the window the second is overriding the first. So you need to add those colors to the bottom one as well. There are a couple way you could solve this. For instance you could just add them down there or set up a layout_theme variable and call that.Then you can just use that variable in all your layouts instead of having to change all of them every time you want to make a color change, , like this:

layout_theme = {"border_width": 2,
                              "margin": 8,
                              "border_focus": "5294e2",
                              "border_normal": "2c5380"
layouts = [

floating_layout = layout.Floating(**layout_theme,

Oh cool! So layout_theme applies to all layouts I’m guessing?

That did ti! Adding it to the bottom after the ] made it work perfect!
All I need to do now is fix picom casuing major lag on moving windows, and windows remembering size and location in floating mode, and well hopefully getting some awesomewm style window decorations working.

It would apply to whatever layout you assigned it to. You could make as many themes as you wanted, or only assign the theme to specific layouts.

qtile doesn’t seem to support decorations and

And as for lag, the biggest lag in picom is usually shadows so that’s where I’d start for that

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