Anyone here use MAME?

I’d like to try it, mostly for 8 bit computers, and I was wondering If anyone here has done it.

I remember setting it up some 10-13 years ago was pretty straightforward. Wanted to show the kids some games I grew up with :grin:. We really enjoyed the “history lessons”.

I can’t imagine setting it up has gotten more difficult.

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I used it too about a decade ago and can confirm it has gotten much more complicated :frowning:

Really, well that’s a bummer.

I used to mainly run mame, dosbox, scummvm and something for gameboy I can’t remember.

They merged it together with 8 bit consoles/computers, and the commands to use each system has changed.
It sucks.

Try MAME with Lutris, should be easy, i haven’t personally tested, but Lutris makes rest of engines really easy to use :upside_down_face:

I dont even know what Lutris is.

To quote myself:

sudo pacman -S lutris

On left panel find :gear: Cog near Runners, there find MAME and install it, easy.


While it seems good, it doesn’t work with any of my SNES ROMS for example.
I think this is a MAMAE problem, they all give the same error.

Try some other Lutris runner for them, maybe Snes9x will do better

But I can install Snes9x on its own, why go through Lutris?

It’s just easy + some additional settings available from it’s launcher, but sure you can do on it’s own

Where do I place the ROM files in Lutris? I think that is what’s making it not work. Does it require a specific version of the ROMS?

You can put it anywhere, in Lutris:

  1. Add game with +
  2. Enter desired game Name / Year
  3. Choose Runner - Snes9x or MAME
  4. Go to next tab Game options and locate desired ROM

Now you’ll have your game in list, you can also use other options in there if needed

No, it should be usual rom format

P.S. Maybe i forget some additional action, can’t test it right now myself so anyone emulating SNES is welcome to help :slight_smile:

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