Anyone had any problems with this script?

Arch Hyprland Installer

I’m curious if anyone’s tried this and had major problems. Nvidia or otherwise. I’ve seen some people just outright use the installer then switch environment.

Any dangers with using this?

Thanks in advanced.

In case no one here has tried it, you can try it safely in a virtual machine.

I’ll try this on a fresh vm plus an endeavour install with xfce. I do know that JaKooLit has a portion of the install process that will ask a question if you are using a nvidia graphics card and will try to add fixes in regards to that. I’ve tried it on my 2nd installation of Endeavour but quit because i was having problems with vrr on my GTX 1070.

On an pre existing install, it was a bit buggy but it fixed itself after uninstalling the previous desktop environment via eos-packagelist. IMO, you should probably go to your tty and uninstall your DE then do the script to prevent any compatibility issues from occurring. Other than that, it worked fine, its not my cup of tea for this set of ricing but it looks nice and has some good tips on the actual WM itself (on the waybar labeled TIPS!)


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