Anyone else's conky break with today's update?

With today’s conky+lua updates, my conky config files seem to have broken. Admittedly, they were from the old-school lua code days, but they have worked admirably 'til today, and I knew enough to have been able to maintain them over the years.

Is there any hope that this is just a bug that will be fixed in due course, or am I going to have to re-code all my configs after learning the new lua syntax?

Yes, I’m just looking for a shoulder to cry on … but, TIA for any news from conkyland, thoughts, experiences, advice.



Conky 1.11.6 was released a couple of weeks ago but it doesn’t have any changes which sound obviously related to LUA 5.4…

Might still be worth a rebuild to see if it helps?

Also worth checking through the issues board to see if there’s anything related,


A little lua update snuck through, and totalled all my conkys too. Several ways (so far) to bring 'em back.

  1. downgrade lua back to 5.3 - (simplest - immediate effect)
  2. grab a different conky, and have it build with lua 5.4 aleady present.
  3. grab conky-cairo from the AUR, and build it against 5.4
  4. Downgrade lua for now, and wait for reactions from other maintainers etc. (what I’m mainly doing, as the rebuild gave me 1.11.7 - which seems to make heavy weather of lua code).

Hope this helps - and hold off on rewriting anything conky!


I was in a bit of a rush there - and didn’t mention…
If you decide what you want to try, I’d be happy to expand on the directions for any of them, if needed. Couldn’t tell what you’ve dealt with previously!

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I expect an update to conky will be available within a day or so… So, it’s not yet time to panic.

Very true - it is just that the ‘compiled in’ lua interface seems to be tied to 5.3 in most of the versions we can get to easily. Downgrade can be so helpful while waiting!

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I use the conky-lua-archers package on my ArchLabs install and have had no issues at all. I take that back, a restart just changed all of that.

It’s pretty close to the conky-cairo build - but an older version of lua I think. I think it’s also missing the audacious support which I can build into conky-cairo - but anyway:

  1. you’ll get the same oopses as I do
  2. if I don’t have a better answer quickly, I’m sure Erik Dubois will come up with something for conky-lua-archers!


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ArcoLinux lead.

lua                  5.3.5-3     ->  5.4.0-2     250,45 KiB
lua52-expat          1.3.0-4     ->  1.3.0-5     10,99 KiB
lua52-lpeg           1.0.2-2     ->  1.0.2-3     25,43 KiB
lua52-socket         20190219-1  ->  20190219-3  47,72 KiB

Same problem here!

welcome @bojo

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Thank you antec1; I’m new to EOS (but not to Linux) and I think it’s a fantastic distribution.

Yeah @Bojo it is really a great distribution. I come to the forum about one year ago and i am still a big fan. :smile:

After a big blank space appeared after updating I wondered what happened.
I hope it fixes soon, idk how long I can go without all conkies :stuck_out_tongue:

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You don’t have to live without them - just downgrade the lua to 5.3 again until the best fix is determined.

Downgrade should be present on your system - so

downgrade lua

and choose the locally installed previously version…

Or you can navigate to /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ and enter

pacman -U lua-5.3.5-3-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst

Either should work - but downgrade also offers to put the update on ‘ignore’ for you!

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AH, thankyou.
had to install downgrade though

It’s in the EndeavourOS repo now… it’s a useful thing to have around, though!

You cheeky B****rd…

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