Anyone else noticed stuttering in games recently?

Approximatively a few days ago my system started stuttering(again). Anyone else noticed something? I’m using an amd 5700g processor, no dedicated graphics card, last week everything was working fine. There were some driver updates, maybe that’s the issue.

can you report

inxi -Fza

No, I haven’t noticed anything strange about your system recently… :rofl:

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I’m on gnome

Actually yeah, I’m on GNOME+Wayland and Fightcade has become a total mess. I’m thinking it’s to do with an audio package update recently. I’m going to check my Octopi to see what audio-related things I updated recently and go from there I guess.

It goes without saying to anyone of you gracious folks that help fellow users figure out the answers to these technical woes, count me in with the same issue and could use some guidance. Much appreciated, thanks all! :slight_smile:

There’s several audio related updates I’ve installed in the past week, but now I’m wondering how to go about narrowing down the culprit from here lol

I have no idea how can someone find the cause of this kind of issues. I just remember there were some vulkan/mesa updates a few days ago, those are more likely to be the culprit. I just don’t know how to diagnose this.

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In my case with stuttering audio and stuttering graphics and controls, I was able to resolve it by moving the following files to the trash:


After I did that, evereything is perfect. Those particular files were updated on April 20 for me, while all other files in those directorys were showing date modified of March 5 or something. Not sure if that will fix your particular situation though?

(Credit for the solution I used goes to )

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As for diagnosing suspected sources of malfunction, usually each package suite will have a debug option. So to debug graphics (vulkan/mesa) there’s a way to debug those packages as well as do debug logging for any given application that you experience the issue. I don’t know how exactly to do that, I just have only retained the basic concept/philosophy of how to troubleshoot Linux things so far. Windows vet here. All those Event Viewer scouring skills don’t work in Linux lol

Tiny little update. I spoke WAY too soon. The stuttering is back with a vengeance. I really suspect it’s an audio thing, however I’m on an AMD CPU and AMD had to quickly release new microcode because all the new Ryzen 7000 chips were melting down/exploding/smoking and catching on fire and whatever else. I know part of that microcode update was adjusting a bunch of thresholds. I don’t know if that might be part of my problem as well. I’m running a Ryzen 5600X though, but I still see the AMD update in my list I posted above earlier.

I don’t know. I’m gonna shut the computer off for like 7 days, then come back and update and see if it auto-magically is working again. XD

I don’t think it’s an audio issue, if the system freezes the audio will freeze too anyway.

Yeah I saw that microcode update too, pretty sure the stuttering started right after that.

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this is the package, it was updated on thursday.

have to look into rolling back that update somehow.

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yep it seems like sudo downgrade amd-ucode solved it for me with the 20230310 version

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though the last installed version for me before was 20230210, maybe 20230310 wasn’t released for stable. idk how arch repos and this arch archive work.

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