Anyone else have an issue in the last 48 hours with Power Management

I had arch installed yesterday and after an update the kde power management is just continuously try to start and then crash. Warning in Power manager and all options greyed out.
The powerdevil applet wasn’t loading after yesterdays pacman update, and the org_kde_powerdevil process kept crashing and restarting.
Installed EOS in rather than Downgrade back to ddcutil-2.0.0-1 as I fancied a fresh install.
Same issue presented itself.
I tried other distros like Opensuse and no problems were present.
So this morning I was going to Downgrade back to ddcutil-2.0.0-1
( sudo pacman -U )
Put EOS back in with all my required software and no errors in Power manager so I presume that the fault was fixed with an update.
For me ddcutil 2.1.0-2 seems to have fixed the issue.
I am pleased it was sorted as its too strange moving to another distro and having to remember another set of terminal commands.
for me EOS rocks and is way ahead of other similar Arch based distros, plus it saves me installing Arch again via commands.
Thanks for a great distro.

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Up stream bug was reported, see here.


This is because:

PowerDevil calls API functions requiring initialization before calling
ddca_init(). As a result, there’s an implicit call to ddci_init(),
and because of the bug sys_drm_connectors is not set, resulting
in the “assert(sys_drm_connectors)” failure in function i2c_check_bus().

ddcutil 2.1.0-2 fixes the issue but it’s a workaround.

It’ll soon get another update with the commit which is the proper fix.


Don’t know about that; 2.1.0-3 introduced the issue with org_kde_powerde for me; I downgraded ddcutil (2.1.0-3 → 2.0.0-1) and it’s fine now.

Will have to wait for the proper fix.

Take a look here: KDE Power Management System seems to be in some kind of crash loop after updating

ddcutil 2.1.0-2fixed it.


As I just said above, I am a counterexample to that statement; unless -3 broke what -2 fixed.

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Hmm, that’s strange. I have a misbehavior with the previous version and no problems after an update. Keep watching.

I have updadet right now to ddcutil 2.1.0-3, can’t detect any malfunctions with it.

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I believe you.

All I’m saying is that whatever workaround versions 2.1.0-2 and -3 contain does not appear to work on all configurations. If it did, I’d never have had cause to find this thread :slight_smile:

Hopefully the proper fix will.