AnyDesk opinion

I know any desk as a screen sharing used for a remote training some year ago ; also this software can transfer very easily large capacity files (far beyond email capacity ); but I would have opinions of user about this software and especially regarding eventual safety issues …
I suppose the file transfer is not encrypted ?
If it’s used only for machine you are confident with ,then no risks ?
And it’s a proprietary software ?

I’m forced to use AnyDesk for work.

I can’t comment on the encrypted file transfer, but would recommend you place any confidential files in an encrypted ZIP/7Z first. I do this just in case no matter what transfer medium I’m using.

AnyDesk is not in the official repos so take a look at the flatpak version of AnyDesk and Flatseal. Flatpak isolates it somewhat and you can set further restrictions with Flatseal. I personally use it to restrict AnyDesk from accessing any folders outside of desktop.

IMHO this is much safer than using AnyDesk from aur.

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I’m not sure if file transfer is encrypted (they do mention that all data transfer is AES 256 encrypted, so that should include file transfer as well), but it’s very unreliable in my experience. The speeds are very slow and connection drops often. I cannot comment on their paid plans, though.

RustDesk is much better from what I’ve seen, and it’s also OSS. You can even set up your own server for increased privacy and speeds.


I used to use it to help my in-laws with their computer stuff, but it’s getting a bit more like teamviewer limiting session time for the free accounts. Regardless for my home use I use nomachine, connections are encrypted and it can also transfer large files. I also use rdesk, although not finished I find it very capable.

thanks for the replies , I Take note
Anyway the version I use is from AUR , hope it’s a minimum safe , but I 'll test RustDesk