Any vivaldi users? Can you play DRM videos?

It just stopped working last night, google-chrome is OK, but Vivaldi (stable and snapshot) have lost the ability to play DRM video.

At work, but I installed Vivaldi from either Chaotic or Herecura, along with the matching ffmpeg packages.

Been running fine for months.

Working fine here. I am using vivaldi from the Arch repos with no other packages installed. Netflix, youtube and friends all working fine.

These days vivaldi should download the codecs it needs on it’s own.

pacman -Qs vivaldi
local/vivaldi 5.1.2567.66-1
    An advanced browser made with the power user in mind.

Weird, was working fine for me, then around 8pm it just stopped working on Tweetdeck. Will remove all traces and reinstall.

Am off next week, think I will set some time to reinstall, have a few niggles and problems at the moment (eg kdeconnect).