Any solution for XWayland apps with Nvidia graphics on WMs like Hyprland?

Hello everyone!

I started using Linux around a little bit more than a year ago. And I am enjoying it a lot. But I would still call myself a noob, learning every day. Currently I am using Hyprland on my Lenovo latop with AMD 6800HS cpu and integrated graphics and it works perfectly. Two days ago I built my first desktop PC with an NVIDIA RTX 4070 Super gpu. I know that to avoid problems on Linux, I should use AMD based gpu but I need to use Nvidia because I use Blender and the performance between AMD and Nvidia can not be compared on that app.

Long story short, I have immediatly installed EndeavourOS Gnome and then Hyprland. It works pretty good, except the XWayland apps. Xwayland apps are flickering, and I need to use them. Yes, I can use i3 and xorg, but I want to use Hyprland. Is there a solution? I read that this problem has something to do with “explicit sync”. Is there a solution for it that will let me use them?

I read that this problem is much more obvious with the latest 550 drivers and some people advised going back to the 535xx drivers from aur. Yesterday I deleted the nvidia drivers with these commands:

yay -R nvidia-dkms
yay -R nvidia-utils

And then I installed the 535xx drivers with:
yay nvidia-535xx-dkms and yay nvidia-535xx-utils

After doing this, I restarted the computer with Hyprland. But the Hyprland is crashing and not booting. When I removed these drivers and reinstalled the actual ones, it worked. Is it because I changed only those two drivers? Should I downgrade other packages as well? When I search the AUR for nvidia-535xx, I find these as well:

  • opencl-nvidia535xx
  • lib32-nvidia-535xx-utils
  • lib32-opencl-nvidia-535xx
  • nvidia-535xx-settings

These packages I didn’t touch. I mean I did not uninstall the 550 packages and reinstalled the 535xx packages. Is this the reason? For a correct downgrade I have to replace them as well? Is there anything else that I should replace?

Oh also, before I forget, I have also added the required environments in the Hyprland config file as explained in the Hyprland wiki.

Thank you in advance!

Long story short, it should get better soon. But for now you probably can’t do much about this besides changing to X11.


Thank you so much for your quick reply. I read it just now on Reddit as well, this is amazing news. So now this means that it should be fixed with the next Nvidia update? Or Linux update? I mean this implementation is used on the driver side or the OS side?

Thank you so much again.

The new Nvidia driver should be released in some days and should fix your XWayland problem. Hopefully. I would be interested to know if that fixes the issue for you.

From [1]

The latest GNOME 46 desktop environment already ships with explicit sync support, which should also be implemented in the upcoming KDE Plasma 6.1 desktop environment release, due out in mid-June 2024.


Thank you so much, I hope that it fixes. In the meantime I have installed i3 WM to remain on Xorg. I love this WM as well, but I feel like I like Hyprland a little bit more. Once the new drivers are released, I will report back!

Hello! Yes I saw that it was merged to KWin as well. That is why I was confused if this update should come from Nvidia’s end or from Hyprland’s or Wayland’s or WLR’s end. Thank you for the link of the article!

I hope things get sorted for nvidia soon.

And welcome @Astonish to the forum and the community.

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