Any plans to add BTRFS with snapper grub snapshots to installer in Calamares

You guys could probably just use whatever these guys have already setup. I don’t use Garuda because it has way too many mods and it’s unstable.

Or there is the way OpenSUSE sets it up

Hi Meow, welcome!

Unless your suggestion is added upstream I don’t think EOS-devs will bother to implement this.

I personally also don’t think it’s necessary :wink: . If you choose btrfs as file system in calamares it will already be set up with the subvolumes @ and @home. All you need to do after the install is to manually install Timeshift or Snapper, that’s it.

If you need any help or suggestions in setting this up in EndeavourOS there are already some Wiki articles and forum posts.

For example, see:


Snapper is completely unnecessary as is grub-btrfs preinstalled. What should already be in the OS is the choice of EXT4 or BTRFS partitioning, not having to manually partition if one wants BTRFS. Then as part of the welcome a suggestion to install Timeshift and it’s optional components.