Any Plans for Lightweight Version?

Congrats on your launch. Any plans to offer a version that’s half the size or less than your current release?

I’m currently enjoying ArchLabs xfce, which clocks in under 650MB.


There is barely anything preinstalled. Not sure what you want removed, really.

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current situation if you even setup a bare openbox with almost nothing it will not touch the 650mb, probably round 850 minimal could be more then less. probably cause also by Calemares probably. it is pretty hard to cut anyway. i know with chnci in antergos openbox version was around 750mb. even with webkit2gk was that amount, but for now is that the past mayby can change in te future , you never know :slight_smile: but i think personal cause of the calemares is het hard to minimalize it.


do we talk about installed system or the ISO?
The ISO includes a rescue system with lots of apps for rescue and system maintanance.
Installed system is something else, as we do not ship all from the ISO, the current issue is that we do need to install some packages like Drivers and Fonts for international layouts, as we do not have a build in detection system for this stuff inside calamares, we need to code this on our own.

base: 877,24 MiB
base-devel: 259,51 MiB

the two Archgroups for a full Archlinux system :wink:

  • we do install the full bunch of multimedia libs / filesystem and network tools

The biggest one is noto-fonts (incl. asian): 640,03 MiB what we install for friends from asia to get asian fonts working.