Any “Luna”-tics out there?

Or am I alone in that realm?

Not sure I want to pay 50$ For a controller tbh. My ps3 copies were 12$ And my ipegas were 22$

5.99 for 1080p isn’t bad. Guess I can try it for that price.

I give Amazon enough of my personal data already. I don’t also need them tracking my gaming use. :sunglasses:


But then, how would they know which games to add to your basket ready for you to purchase?


Personally, I am not doing the Luna, Google Stadia, or even nVidia’s GeForce Now. For a couple of reasons.

  1. They all track user data in one form or another.

  2. The first 2 options do not support my existing game library. Sorry AAA publishers, Ubisoft, Epic, EA, Activision-Blizzard, etc…, you already got my money. Plus with your predatory use of micro-transactions, especially EA in their FIFA games, why should I have to pay you MORE. Oh I get it, Bobby Koteck of Acti… sorry got off topic. :innocent:

  3. Most of the streaming servers are located in the “West”. The input lag while trying to stream games over the internet for me here in Thailand makes the games unplayable.


Couldn’t you just tell them? :exploding_head: :scream: :rofl:

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I hate all those cloud gaming systems because it is just another…we own it, you don’t, ponzi schemes. :cloud: :poop:


Not being a gamer, I thought the Title was referring to the Luna Desktop panel! :nerd_face: :weary:



Hope this discussion hasn’t spoiled your fun…

It’s still probably a good way to try out games, and if you don’t already own them then it 's also likely cheaper than buying them all… ?


You hurt my widdle feeling


I expect to not like it truly but I won’t condemn it b4 I use it. Had nvidia shields. Games wouldn’t play right because their overlay used 2 buttons. Stadia won’t work with my Bluetooth controllers. I expect Luna to do no better


Another good way is to buy games on Steam and ask for a refund after a maximum of 2 hours of gaming time :wink: I used to do that quite often when I want to check whether a game works sufficiently well with Proton.


Yeah, I feel the same. No matter how good it is, I want to own my games.

The worst thing is, you have to pay full price for a game to rent it with these cloud services.

Ahh, I miss the good old days. The golden days of gaming really is behind us. Now we generally get games with barely any content, with many DLC’s for high prices, or free to play games made in a way for you to fork over money.

And let’s not forget modding games. Only very few games these days still implement modding.

I am here talking about the big corps off course. Luckily, with Steam and other online stores, Indie developers are having a place to sell their games, and they tend to make good and unique games.


I’m actually more into Stadia at the moment. Yeah I know about all the data harvesting and such, but at this point in my life I’ve sorted accepted that my privacy is no longer my own lol. Stadia, and cloud gaming in general, really suits me as a casual gamer. I can’t justify dropping hundreds or thousands of $$ to pick up a console or build a gaming pc, and then having to pay more $ to get the games and such. I’d much rather just be able to stick to using my 10 year old laptop to be able to play AAA titles :sweat_smile:.

I still put plenty of time into emulation though - my raspberry pi 3 b with RetroPi is one of the best $60 purchases I’ve made in a long time…

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