Any idea on how to use Linux and iOS in tandem?

EDIT : To those who seeking the same thing as me, KDE Connect is in the TestFlight in iOS right now.

So There is a small thing that bother me lately, I study medicine and the environment is super Apple-favored (like, 99.9% of my friends use iPad or Macbook) so I naturally have to use iPad for study.

However, having to move the lecture note/class pdf back and forth between Linux machine and iOS is not exactly easy. May I ask y’all if y’all have any idea/suggestion on how to get these devices work in tandem. (cuz there is no KDE connect on iOS yet, as far as I know)

P.S. I know that a lot of people in the Linux community does not like Apple, I do not exactly like them either, please don’t flame me :cry:

P.S. by iOS, I also mean iPadOS

I don’t have a personal iOS device anymore but when I did I ran apps on the iOS device that could connect to shares on my network and transfer files over wifi. It was just easier than trying to deal with getting Linux and iOS to interact.

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You can slap a hackintosh tho, or virtualize OSX

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Been thinking about this too, I know that it is very easy to do so on Linux. However, I still fear that my Apple ID would get banned or something.

Never heard of such bans, also after install you install the macid spoof so as far as apple knows you’re on mac, everything works if your motherboard and other stuff is compatible

@Dev0ut Good to know that, I might try virtualization
@dalto Thanks for the idea, I’ll look for such apps

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If you’re transferring files on your own network, I recommend Nitroshare. It has apps for Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. There are other apps too but Nitroshare was the first one I found and I’ve used it for years.

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Nice! I’ll look into it, thank you

One thing to mention about Nitroshare: You need to disable the firewalls on any devices so that they can “see” each other. This should not be a problem as long as your router has it’s firewall enabled (which it should have!).

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Also a JB might be more versatile

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